Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s the most wonderful holiday of the year! It almost felt like Christmas! I truly love Thanksgiving! I practically bounced out of bed and paced in the kitchen until it was time to start. Matt and I didn’t host a big Thanksgiving this year, we just made a family sized meal for two and watch a football game. Some highlights of this year include finding canned cranberries at the store and finding a live, fresh rosemary plant, which we then added to the stuffing and planted for later. This year I even brought canned pumpkin pie from Canada! It was a perfect addition. All in all, this is my 3rd Thanksgiving dinner I’ve prepared, and it gets better every year! The only thing missing was the holiday Monday. We had to work today:(


Check it out! On the left: Thanksgiving 2014 On the right: Thanksgiving 2013

I guess We’ve settled into Brazzaville just fine!


Chicken, dressing, root mash, carrots, beans, gravy, cranberry sauce and buns! With a rosemary centerpiece and wine of course!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! We are thankful to get to share our stories with fabulous family and friends!

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