Saturday Night Out

Last night we ended up with a couple of treats that made our night a little more interesting. We made plans with our friend Jose to go to La Bodega for dinner. He said if we call a day ahead we can get ceviche! I’ve never had ceviche before, but fresh fish, lime and cold are all things that I like. For those of you who don’t know, Ceviche is a South American dish, originally, where the fish is cooked only from the acid in the dish. It is served cold. Matt opted for one of his go-to bbq dishes at the restaurant.

It is always a treat to get something fresh in Brazzaville! The dish was also served with sweet potatoes (which are in season) and I love them. They are much “chalkier” than the sweet potatoes in Canada.

In addition to a great meal, there was a band! It was a group of 7 or so guys playing drums and it was great! We don’t see many drum concerts here.  It’s local music that we can tolerate! They had great stage presents and did all kinds of tricks with their drums!


Also, check out these peppers we bought today! The tiny one shows what the normal size of hot peppers are. Check out these big babies!



2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Out

  1. Linda says:

    How wonderful to read and be able to hear about the events you both are experiencing. The drumming band looks awesome, they really look as though they are also enjoying the stage session. Love the pics of thanksgiving dinner, what a difference a year makes. Where are you off to for Christmas this year? I know you are meeting up with Travis and Mandy but not sure where. Enjoy your self. Love Auntie

  2. Hi Auntie!

    We are going to Tanzania for holidays. First a safari, a trip to see kilimanjaro, and off to Zanzibar! You can bet we will have lots of things to post!

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