Coffee to Go!

After hearing many people sing praises for the new patisserie in town, we finally decided to give it a shot. It’s like a little piece of Paris in Brazzaville! We picked up some croissants, fig bread (obviously!) and some cafe au lait, IN A TO GO cup! woohoo!

Some of you may remember this was something I was looking forward to last summer, and now I can get it right here in Brazza! I’ve heard the ice cream is great too!


In other news….a humorous story for you:

When I was walking to school this week a woman stopped to talk to me. Obviously, I had a hard time understanding her, but from what I gather, she asked if I need a “Mama” at my house to do the cooking and the cleaning, because she’s up for the job! Thankfully, I used the old “je ne comprend pas,”-then-smile-trick to get me out of this situation, it which case she just laughed and walked away.

For those of you who were jealous last year, you will be pleased to know that we have opted for no housekeeper this year, as we were getting a bit lazy with dishes. Is Monday too early to start piling dishes for her to come on Thursday? Apparently not! So I’m back to sweeping and mopping the floor.

We are off to Pointe Noire this week for vacation! Happy fall break!

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