Make Way for the Rich and Fabulous!

In the last week or so our neighbourhood has been gutted. The residents (mainly squatters) have all been relocated to… somewhere… and everything is being cleared out. People’s homes, corner stores, containers, even Matt’s beer store are gone. Apparently, the large building in front of our house is being knocked down too.

We have heard that our neighbourhood is going to cater to some upscale homes? Maybe we will have some celebrities move in! Enjoy some pictures of the wreckage.

Welcome? Ironic!





This cow head used to be something of a landmark in the neighbourhood. “Walk down the road to the cow head dripping in blood, that’s where you can find some good grilled chicken!”




Also, all construction in this area is done by hand…this must have taken a lot of man power!

But, on the bring side, this tree is pretty:)


One thought on “Make Way for the Rich and Fabulous!

  1. Linda says:

    Fabulous shots, how wonderful to spend time by the ocean. You are right, there is nothing like it. Now I am ready to head off to a beach somewhere warm. Love how secluded the beach is. Crazy on the airport experience. Also I am amazed by the total destruction of the street in Brazzaville, all hand labour and hopefully they will clean it up quickly. As always i am enjoying your blogs and excited for you to be enjoying such experiences in your lives.
    Love Auntie

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