Here I am!

You folks are relentless! It makes me feel loved! Yes, I haven’t posted about our trip yet, but it’s not my fault, we’ve been really busy! I’ve actually had five posts worth of stories ready, but then we got to editing pictures…and that hasn’t ended. The plan is to have it up tomorrow. But, to appease the masses, I’ve got a story for you!

I’m sure you North Americans haven’t heard, but the Africa Cup of Nations is going on right now, and The Congo Red Devils made it past the group stages! WooHoo. (This is soccer folks) Not only that, but after the group stages Congo was set to play, none other than our lovely neighbours the DRC!

Remember that time people rioted in Vancouver over Hockey…yah. Well, Congo was not taking any chances. The game started at 5pm on Saturday and the City closed at 2pm. Yes, stores closed, taxis gone. We were advised to stay in our houses. As we watched the game, when Congo scored, we mute the T.V. to hear the celebration roar. “Are those fireworks?” “Nope, that’s a flare!”Congo was up by two, they got hit back losing 4-2. Since we have some DRC folks in Congo, they were hushed up pretty quick. No celebrations were to be had. There was even some rumours of gunfire.

The next day, on our way to Ultimate Frisbee, we drove through Marche Total, the biggest market in town. Still, it was nearly empty and all the stores were closed.

It’s a bit sad, that cities need to resort to this because of sporting behaviour!

Thats’s all for now, I’m almost promising that you will have some good reads for the next five days! I apologize.

One thought on “Here I am!

  1. Linda says:

    What a growing “fan base” you have. Your stories are always fun and enlightening to read.
    Looking forward to pictures of your trip. XO

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