We went to Dubai last weekend to attend a job fair. Since the travel time is long, and the job fair is a full two days, we really only had one day to see Dubai. But, we crammed as much first world fun as we could into that one day.

Dubai really is like no other place on Earth. It is clean, well planned and bustling 24 hours a day. On our way home we went to the airport at 1am to find that places were still open, and there was some adults playing in a soccer league!

We saw the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world. Forgive the dirty window, we were in the metro station. This building is 2722 ft. Which makes it taller than any other building by almost 200 meters.


We went to both the Mall of the Emirates, where Ski Dubai is located, and The Dubai Mall, which is the largest mall in the world. The real draw of the Dubai Mall is that there are TWO Tim Horton’s! Beyond Tim’s, the mall also has beautiful atriums, an aquarium, a skating rink, a movie theatre and more. It is essentially what West Edmonton Mall was when it was in its prime.



Of course, I almost need a second post to just talk about food. Since we were at the job fair, our selection of foods were limited to hotel restaurants and fast food. Obviously we stopped for McDonald’s where Matt tried an Aloo Tikka Burger, which, thanks to my vast Indian knowledge, I knew is was made of potato. We also stopped for ice cream, hit up an Irish pub, and of course enjoyed two Middle Eastern fares. One night we dined on some mezzas and later had a quick lunch in a dingy shwarma shop. If you have had a shwarma as a late night snack in North America, this is not the same thing. It was juicy and succulent, and looked like real pieces of meat, because it was.



Overall, we enjoyed exploring Dubai and lapping in some luxuries that we miss here in Congo. Matt ordered something online to be delivered to our hotel, he bought a phone, I got my hair cut, we went to a grocery store, we crossed paved streets at a cross walk…all of the things we miss in Congo.

And guess what readers, you will be hearing more about the UAE since we are moving to Abu Dhabi! Yes, the job fair came through for us!

2 thoughts on “Dubai!

  1. Byron Hansen says:

    How wonderful, what a great opportunity for you both. I am sure you will love Dubai. I send my greatest wish for your happiness and success.

  2. Ah, first world comforts…I remember and miss those too! The UAE is definitely on my list of places I would like to live and work.

    I have a friend who worked in Abu Dhabi and I have three friends who are currently working in Dubai- all of them say that Dubai is a great place! I hope you continue to blog about your adventures once you get there. Congrats!

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