International Day

Friday was International Day at school. The students and teachers have been working non-stop for the past couple weeks to put on a show and decorate our rooms. The gr. 1/2 class was representing Lebanon and Matt’s class was representing Burkina Faso. Additionally, our favourite part of International Day is the Parade of Nations. Each country represented at AISB carries a flag into the performance to their national anthem. Similar to the Olympics. Flag carriers are encouraged to where traditional clothing from their country. I got to carry the Canadian flag and, despite the heat, I rocked some traditional Canadian clothing.Notice the headband and mittens! International Day is a wonderful event, but it is exhausting, and we are happy it is finished!

Matt’s class had a green screen! Guests could dance in front of the green TV and show up in a video on the Smart Board!

Green Screen flag carrier

One thought on “International Day

  1. Linda says:

    What a great day this must have been, love that you represented Canada. The headband and mittens were authentic for representation. Not much time remaining in Africa. I am sure the children will miss you both very much. Enjoy xoxo

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