Top 10 Things we WILL Miss about Brazzaville

Although a bit late, I promised I would end on a happy note. In our second session class in Mallorca we had to make a teacher blog. Obviously I didn’t have a huge urge to blog at home after blogging all day in class, but alas, I’m back with some new blog tricks.

This will be the LAST post about Congo, then we will be on to some summer adventures! Here we go, in no particular order!

1. Royal Spice: Can you believe we haven’t eaten Indian food since we left Brazza? Going from once per week to none in over a month! Something must change. But, let’s be serious, It’s going to be tough to find somewhere with such delicious murg tikka lababdar. MMM just typing it makes me hungry!

2. Frisbee: (Or “Ultimate” for some folk) Matt and I truly enjoyed getting out to play every week, and we absolutely are going to miss the insane amount of running and wonderful company! We will be searching for an Ultimate league in our next location. As well, we will be purchasing more than one frisbee this summer. Obviously, we wish the league all the best in recruiting people, and a shout out to Jose for getting it all started!

Great photo, but I didn't catch it! Truth be told, I was a little off my game this day!

Great photo, but I didn’t catch it! Truth be told, I was a little off my game this day! But, look at how much fun we are having!


3. Friends: Whether still in Congo, or on another adventure, you know who you are! We miss you:)

4. Passionfruit and Mangosteens: In the last post I mentioned how frustrated we were with fruit and vegetables that would go bad so quickly, but we are glad to have had the privilege to eat passionfruit and mangosteens throughout the years! Both of these are tropical and not common in Canada. Passionfruit is relatively common around the world, but who knows the next time we will have a mangosteen. (Truth be told, I saw them at the market in Mallorca yesterday, but they didn’t look that good, and I’m pretty sure that it was a rare occurrence.)

5. Cheap Drinks: I try not to embellish drinking alcohol here on the blog, but seriously, a Guiness Foreign Extra for under $2? It will be missed.

6. Fried Plantains: We are often asked about local cuisine, which is not to our tastes. Fried plantains, however, can make any meal great! They are sweet and not mushy! They pair well with fish, chicken and even manioc! Fried plantains are one of those things that I could never make quite as good as restaurants could. Delicious. (As an after thought, I will miss the occasional street beignet as well.)

7. Trying to Speak French: Although we are looking forward to living in a relatively English speaking place, I will miss the French. I’m not as fluent as I had hoped to be, but I enjoyed trying to conjugate verbs and understand locals. A challenge? Yes, but a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day.

8. DSTV: Never in our lives have we watched so much British television. DSTV was our cable service from South Africa. It had the Food Network, Travel Channel, Movie Channels, Comedy and…BBC everything! Our British Trivia is at it’s peak from watching The Chase. We enjoyed the Great British Bake Off and other British Cooking shows. But most of all, we will miss “Would I Lie to You?” If you haven’t seen it, you must check it out on Youtube. Seriously, we would consider cancelling plans if it was on! Here is a sample episode…watch it!

9. The frenzy of new items at Park n’ Shop: THEY HAVE TORTILLAS! TEXT EVERYONE! Seriously, tortillas are a big deal! Our grocery store occasionally would get a new item, everyone would buy it, then you never see it again. Sriracha hasn’t been in the store for the last year! They ran out of Kinder Buenos (Matt’s fav) right at the end of last year. When the German beers comes in, the stockman knows us and brings us cases from the back room. Maybe one of the biggest treats in our first year was frozen wild mushrooms! Worth the price!

10. Thunderstorms: Perhaps this will be extra missed since we are moving to the Middle East. In the wet season, it usual rains at night, and the storms can get huge, and loud! On more than one occasion, the thunder was so loud that I sprang out of bed in the middle of the night! Additionally, when it rains, the town dies and there are no taxis to be found, so you have nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the storm.

One thought on “Top 10 Things we WILL Miss about Brazzaville

  1. Linda Malito says:

    Thank you for sending the positive side of Brazzaville and there were many which is great. Enjoy your time in Spain. Adventures. See you soon.

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