Kuala Lumpur

After a little flight glich (not our fault!), we landed in Kuala Lumpur one day late. Lucky for us, we had a view of the Petronas Towers from our hotel. We spent our morning walking around the mall, which we quickly sought out after remembering it is hot near the equator and walking isn’t fun when you are sweating profusely! After popping into the mall we headed to the towers only to find…


Yes…it was a Monday!

For those of you who didn’t hear about our time in Paris back in the day, we accidentally hit every attraction on the day they are closed…Versailles on Monday? Closed. Louvre on Tuesday? Closed! All cool Paris restaurants in August? Closed!

But the Petronas Towers looked nice from our window:)


In the afternoon we went to the Central Market. This old place is a tourist hub to gather your Southeast Asian souvenirs. Since it was our first day of a long trip, we opted to just browse the market and the old town area of Kuala Lumpur.


I really liked the look of this theatre! Stylish!

But the true highlight of this city was captured in this post…


2 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur

  1. Shelley says:

    Interesting. Keep them coming!

  2. Doreen says:

    I so enjoy reading and seeing all your adventures, what a great experience you’re having.

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