Lots of Rain…is our Gain! Attention Dad: This post is for you:)

Two days off of school!!!! Due to the rain, and looming weather forecast, school was cancelled for two days. Last Wednesday it poured at school, which was exciting and terrifying for students. Depending on who you asked. But the following day was cancelled. And frankly, for good reason! While we were enjoying a late morning Tim Horton’s in the mall, a wind storm ripped through the city. There are some pretty crazy damages.


Many trees had broken, and some even uprooted!

As Canadians, we don’t take storms very seriously. For us, this wind and rain meant that we could finally cash in our lunch gift certificate that we have had since October.

Oops. It expired 3 days ago! Haha clearly it is difficult to squeeze in a weekday lunch. So I called them, to ask if they would honor it anyway. Unfortunately, they didn’t get back to me on Wednesday. But, lucky for us, Thursday school was cancelled too! So I called them again, and they said we could come in! Yes.

This is where the story gets crazy!

The gift certificate was for lunch at a swanky steak house. The details were a bit vague, so we assumed that it was for two lunch specials. These items change each day and cost about $30. When we arrived at the restaurant and presented the coupon this is what transpired. Feel free to choral your friends to play the following roles:

Server: Ok, what would you like to order?

Us: What are we allowed to order?

Server: This certificate is for lunch, so appetizers, lunch and desert. Alcohol not included.

Matt: Am I allowed to order this $200 Wagyu tenderloin?

Server: Sorry sir, we don’t have that one, but we do have this other Wagyu tenderloin?

Matt: I we can order that?

Server: Yes sir, this is lunch.

(Brittney nearly faints in her seat)

Matt: We will need a few minutes.

Brittney: I can’t do this. I’m just going to get the lunch special. I don’t want to abuse our prize.

(Dad, you will like this part)

Matt: You are NOT allowed to get the lunch special Brittney. This is a steak house! You have to order a steak! Now, which one of these tenderloins are you getting?

(Dad, I even ordered it medium rare, just to make sure I got the “full experience!”)

Brittney (Slowly snapping out of shameful embarrassment): Well I guess we should get some wine. Thank goodness I wore a dress!

Then the meal proceeded and all was well. You should know, Matt and I are no stranger to fine dining. As it is one of the finer things in life that we indulge on. But I was not ready to eat a baseball sized Wagyu, grain fed, marble grade +9 tenderloin on a Thursday afternoon, but I persisted.


Sometimes Abu Dhabi catches us by surprise.

P.S. Did you know you can valet your car for free here? Yes, we valeted the Ford Fiesta!





2 thoughts on “Lots of Rain…is our Gain! Attention Dad: This post is for you:)

  1. vinneve says:

    That is a big meal, hope it taste good too! 🙂

  2. Linda says:

    Great adventure! WOW what a amazing FREE lunch that was. Love it.

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