Things We Learned from Uber

We are relatively new to the Uber scene (because we bought at car!!), but we were happy to find out that Uber is available in Penang and Kuala Lumpar. It was a nice surprise that we wouldn’t have to be bartering for taxis throughout the trip.

An added bonus, was that the Uber drivers were so friendly and knowledgable. We learned a few key things we wanted to share in case you are headed to Penang.

  1. Our Uber driver in KL was from Penang. He suggested that we stay in one of the heritage hotels in Georgetown. They are old colonial building on the outside, but newly renovated on the inside. We stayed on night in Ke-lan-tan Guesthouse, and loved it so much we went back for another night later in the trip.

    I stole this picture from the internet. This is the hotel! Inside there is lots of wood, exposed brick and a cute little courtyard.

    2. One of our driver’s in Penang insisted that we have World Famou Chendol. The “best food in Penang.” He was so excited that after we arrived to our destination, he pulled out his phone to show us the stall with the World Famous Chendol. Be careful though, because there are two Chendol stands on that street, but only one is the best!


    It is a sweet snack. The base is coconut milk sweetened with sugar. The green worms are jelly, and there are kindey beans floating around too.

    It was tasty, but I don’t think I would call it the best food in Penang. It has some stiff competition.

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