First Visitors! Happy 100!

WAIT! I need to add a second preface to this post. It’s my 100th post!!! Happy milestone blog! This blog has taken us through nearly three years, and approximately 9 countries!

I suck. Here I was nearly caught up on the blog…ready to tie up loose ends before some new visitors arrived…then I didn’t. Enjoy this blog post from weeks ago:

May 5:

On the “eve” of our second visitors, I’m finally getting around to posting about Matt’s parents’ trip to the Middle East. They visited us in February, and I have to say, they planned it right! Rather than spending a huge amount of time in the UAE, they flew to Dubai and spent the weekend with us, then spent the week in Jordan while we worked (apparently Jordan is wonderful!) then returned and spent another long weekend with us in Abu Dhabi. It worked well having time off to see them and check off a few Emirates as well.


Fujairah Castle – I highly recommend this stop to castle buffs. It has the shape and charm of a castle, but no restrictions.  Do you want to go up it the cute corner that is always blocked off in European castles? Do you want to look out the very top? You can! No roped off areas! Fujairah also has a cool museum. I enjoyed it anyway. Did you know the UAE has remains from the copper age, ancient glass and excavated grave sites? Although this country is new, the land has stories, and I’m guessing some untold stories.


I’ve been waiting to take this picture since we arrived. The classic spice market photo! Love it! But I wanted to give a shout out to the multi-colored mix at the bottom. To us, it’s called “mild freshener.” If you are ever offered this delight after an Indian meal, take it! It’s a mix of sweet candy, fennel seed and other chewy delights. It is intended to serve the purpose of a apres-meal mint…but way more delicious!


The Grand Mosque at the Golden Hour


Inside the Grand Mosque lies the largest carpet in the world.


3 thoughts on “First Visitors! Happy 100!

  1. Linda says:

    Thank you for sharing, the pictures are amazing and puts a whole new prespective on the middle east. Enjoy

  2. Congrats on your 100 post milestone!

  3. […] we visited Fujairah, I wrote how cool it was to visit a castle that wasn’t roped off. We visited two more castles […]

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