More Visitors

David and Lori, some friends we left behind in Congo, came to visit at the start of May. It would be an understatement to say that we were very excited! It was just over a year ago when we came to Dubai from Congo and reveled in the accessible food, crazy architecture and shopping malls! We remember going to the grocery store and buying ridiculous items, just because we could. It was enjoyable watching from the other end this time. We laughed at our guests as they loaded five bags of potato chips (one of every kind) into the cart. But, hey, we get it.

Since fresh food is highly sought after in Congo, we had a great arrangement with our guests. We’d go to school, while they relax and tour. In the afternoon, they’d stop at the grocery store to plan for the evening meal. There are few people in this world who enjoy fine food as much as Matt and I. David and Lori fit the bill. We ate well!

On their trip we also visited a BBQ restaurant in Dubai and the highlight…Pearls by Michael Caine. A celebration of Lori’s birthday and our wedding, we enjoyed a night of luxury and fine dining!


David and Lori…thanks for a wonderful week!

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