Ras Al Khaimah

Our school year started off quite easily this year. We had two weeks with the students, then a whole week off for Eid. I have to say, since we just got back to the UAE, we weren’t super keen on jetting off again, so we planned a little staycation. The staycation consisted of one weekend in Ras Al Khaimah, one night in Dubai, several nights of relaxing and three nights of board games.

In other news, we have officially been to all seven emirates. Actually, we went to all seven last year, we just didn’t realize that we had driven through the two smallest ones on the way to Ras Al Khaimah (RAK).

RAK is the mountainous region of the UAE. Our dragon boat coach set our group up with a weekend in RAK consisting of rock climbing and canyoning with Challenging Adventures. They have a base camp with tents, and pool and the works. Since it is still summer, they set us up with an Air Conditioned room where eight of us crashed, but some of our group did sleep outside.


Some members of our dragon boat team.


My first attempt. Matt made it to the top of this one.



Using the butt-then-feet method to shimmy myself up the crevice. Matt and I both made it to the top of this one!


Almost to the top of the crevice.


Canyoning. We hiked up. In the spots where we were right along the end, we used carabiners to hook into the mountain. 



Once we made it to the top, we rappel down.  

I would highly recommend trying out the outdoor rock climbing. We both enjoyed it.

One thought on “Ras Al Khaimah

  1. Linda M says:

    Looks amazing. What a thrill this would have been for both of you. Love your facial expressions. I admire your adventurous nature and excited you made it to the top and back down again. Going down looks more frightening than going up. Cheers Auntie.

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