National Day (I’m back!)

Hi Everyone! Remember me? The person who is in charge of keeping up this blog? Here I am. The last post was about our little rock climbing trip…and to be fair…that was one of our last long weekends. (Yeah yeah…teachers have it good! Canadians, you’ve had Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day long weekends!) I’ve also just trudged through an 8 week online class. But, excuses aside, I’m happy that you have checked back and not given up!

This weekend is National Day! Happy 45th Birthday UAE. We’ve seen many cars decked out with flags, window pictures etc. It is also not uncommon to see jets with color streams flying over. So what did we do to celebrate? RELAX! This long weekend has been long awaited.

Prior to the long weekend, our school puts on a celebration, so I thought I’d share some highlights of that day:


I posted a similar picture last year. I just love the falcon traditions. This guys name…Hunter. (Shhh! I know I’wearing the same clothes as last year…I only have so much red and green!)


One of my students brought these. She said: “Whew, I’m tired! I worked all night on decorating these cupcakes!” So sweet! And delicious!


Another student brought these. There is a KitKat factory in Dubai, and they released these “limited edition” KitKats. Collect all 4!


Seriously cool though right?


People really go all out! This is the UAE Flag.

One thought on “National Day (I’m back!)

  1. Shelley says:

    Glad your back! UAE seems way more patriotic than Canada. But, it would be hard to do our flag in cupcakes.

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