The Most Wonderful Season…to tap into my old soul.

December 1st means I officially have to go ahead from Matt to begin embracing the holiday season. We’ve got some fantastic traditions that involved decorating, music and eating.

Last year, while in Malaysia, I bought this book and read the whole thing Christmas night. IT. IS. AWESOME! It has everything that a holiday book needs: Britishness, snow, a quaint town, tea, mince pies and in this case…knitting! I mean the start of the book says, pour yourself a Baileys and enjoy the book. Come On, you don’t have to ask twice. *snap* Baileys in hand.


So, since it was the long weekend and all, I tucked into this book as soon as the festivities began. I spent the weekend drinking tea, reading, snacking and crocheting. Yeah I know…everyone else is out celebrating National Day and I’m crocheting and drinking tea, but look what I made!

Shout out to my Great Grandma (GG) who used to knit and crochet ornaments. Her angels looked similar to this one, albeit slightly less strangled (I had to improvise since I lost my tapestry needle).

Later this week…mince pies!


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