Canada’s Best Roadside Attractions

So this post in obviously delayed, but I had so much fun collecting the pictures that I couldn’t leave it out. Do you remember the post about how far we drove last summer? Well we also made it our mission to stop at as many large road side attractions as we could. As a general rule, we tried not to take more than a 30 minute detour. Honestly, the prairie towns LOVE their roadside attractions. If Hansenville ever became a place…my first order as mayor would be to commission something giant! (Largest crocheted _you decide__)

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These photos are in a slide show, but you are welcome to make it a game. Whoever can name the most towns wins, or, you can work together to get them all!

One thought on “Canada’s Best Roadside Attractions

  1. Shelley says:

    Okay, here is what I have from the top.
    Smoky Lake
    Cut Knife
    North Battleford
    Mundare (Tricky, but I can see the dog turd in the background)

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