I find that many people have heard of Petra but don’t really know much about it. If you have seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade you have seen the most popular building in Petra where he drinks from the cup.

But, Petra is so much more. First, Petra is not the building you know, it is the name of the ancient city. We walked between 7 and10km through the ancient city. It is crazy how many buildings there are laid into the rock. And, you can climb where you like. See stairs…will climb. The Treasury (From Indiana Jones) and The Monastery are the most architecturally beautiful buildings…you can’t go in those, but you can explore everywhere else.

Not only did the Bedouins live in these rock caves up until recent, different historical civilizations built in the area throughout the past 2000 years. Again, my apologies…dates just don’t stick in my head.

My last little niglet if you plan to see Petra: GO EARLY! It opens at 6am I believe. We arrived around 7:30ish and is was still pretty empty…and not hot. There were places where we asked ourselves: “Are we allowed to walk there? No one is there…” But on our way back there were people everywhere. After walking through the sites, we headed out around 12:30pm and it was packed!


We had to climb many stairs to see the Monastery. This is the view from the top…looking down on where we had been before. We had already visited those building in the distance that morning.


The Monastery. Stunning. I didn’t even know it existed. It is an uphill climb to get there. Some people don’t see this one since it is a bit out of the way, where as the Treasury is almost right at the start.


Is the Jordan, or Bedrock.


This is an old church…I’m no historian clearly, but how cool are those knocked over columns.



Everywhere you look…even up high there are faces of buildings. Also no people, just donkeys! That’s the prize for going early.



The Treasury. See how it is in the rock side. Those dots going up the side were for old scaffolding during the build!


It might surprise you that the inside of everyone is pretty much one room. The Treasury has a few rooms but it seems people spent time on the outsides, not the insides.


Do you see the grate on the ground. It was recently that someone discovered a floor below the ground! Also one the middle column at the very top there is a “treasure bag” that was believe to hold treasure. There are bullet holes in it from people checking for treasure.

Your turn to weigh in…Which is more impressive: Treasury or Monastery?

One thought on “Petra

  1. Shelley says:

    Wow, impressive photos.

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