The Rest of Jordan

Don’t hate me for putting in the rest of Jordan into one post. I have a few posts of the UAE that I wanted to share with you, so I want to wrap this spring break up! There were three more things we did in Jordan beyond what you already read. 1. Karak Castle. 2. Bethany Beyond the Jordan and 3. Little Petra.

Why no Dead Sea you ask…IT. WAS. CLOSED! Bizarre I know. How can one close a body of water? There was a Arab World Leader’s Summit while we were there, so the road and hotels were closed:( Oh well.

Here is the Karak Castle slide show. I said it once (twice?) and I’ll say it again… I love castles with no roped off areas. Are we allowed to follow this ancient hallway? Always yes.

Also, shout out to Matt. Nice photos!

Not pictured it the photos was the straight drive up a mountain to get to this place. I swear you would burn a clutch out (does that sound like I know mechanics?) in one month (one day if I drove) in this place.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After a long drive back from Petra, we stopped at Bethany Beyond the Jordan for a tour. Since the River Jordan is the border between Jordan and Palestine this was a military controlled area. In one spot, there was a rope across the river!


This is the Baptismal site of Jesus by John the Baptist. The ruins are of 4 churches that have stood here over time. Originally, this was part of the River Jordan, but the river has naturally moved. Now, the site is still over a fresh water spring. Matt went for a dip in the River Jordan where it lies now.


This is the River Jordan now, and you are looking into Palestine. The church in the distance is across the border.

These last photos are of Little Petra, which is about 20 minutes from the Petra entrance. Remember, Petra is a city, is goes quite a ways. We went here on the first day we arrived at our camp. I consider it a little teaser of the big event.


What you see from the road. It really gets you pumped up for the adventure that awaits!


…it wasn’t. Haha but great advertising.


I loved spotting little stair cases high in the rocks. I like spending time imagining what was there in its prime.

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