Our Last Trip to Dubai +skiing!

Since we are almost off, it’s time to squeeze in the last of the tourist fads. On a long weekend in May, we headed to Dubai to hit some new, and favorite places one last time. We did Ski Dubai, Dubai Mall, and Korean Hotpot.

  1. SKi Dubai: No joke…AMAZING! It was well worth the trip, and I would venture to do it again. We made the right choice and went in the morning right when it opened so for our 2 hours of slopes there was nearly no line. We also learned that the chair lift is REALLY slow, but there is a “button tow” that zips up the side which helps you to get as many runs in as possible.

It’s all well and good, except I had forgotten how to ski:( We got to the top of the hill on our first run and started going down, and I was like…oh gosh what was I thinking…I’m a terrible skier! After making it down the run…barely…we went up the tow to see how fast it was. Readers, there is something scarier than skiing…taking a turn on the tow! It was steep and fast and I’ve never been so afraid! Literally hating my life.

After these two runs, I left Matt, a competent snowboarder, to go on his own while I took some runs on the baby hill. After about two of these I have found my footing and was ready to go. P.s. the magic carpet to is only for age 5 and under! How an I supposed to learn to ski?

Then…I had a great time!!!! By taking the tow…not so scary after all…we could go up and down in 5 minutes! I even went on the “experts only” run as the last run of the day!

All in all, it was a great day!


This is more a picture of the snow park. We opted for just skiing, but you can see the hill in the background. It curves around left and up some more.


Tried to take a selfie of our “rosie cheeks.” I’m a better skier than selfie taker.

While in Dubai, we went to Dubai mall one last time. They always have somethings fancy on the go. Check this out:


Just a little piece of the mall

Also, no trip to Dubai is complete without a trip to the Korean hotpot restaurant. We stumbled upon this hotel restaurant when we first came to the job fair in Dubai over two years ago. This particular hotpot is a spicy soup with octopus and pork belly. It has delicious Asian accompaniments. Honestly…I could eat it everyday! We’ve even taken to staying in that particular hotel so we can eat and go straight to our room afterwards.



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