Quiz Champions!

Think back to over two years ago when we accepted our jobs at AISA. Some things we researched: Ultimate, beer selection, dragon boating and…pub quiz!

Fast forward to now, we are leaving Abu Dhabi as quiz champions.

Last year we used to do a Monday night quiz at a nearby bar. Our team, Two Smart, had the sole goal of not coming in last. This year, we started going to a new pub called Sportsman’s Arms. The first draw…non-smoking. Also, they serve IPAs on tap! Third, they have a great patio and fourth, their Sunday quiz night starts at 8:00pm, so we can be in bed on time!

What started out as team “here for the IPA” consisting of Matt and I, turned into “IPA” with a core group of geniuses that rocketed our team to the top! Alison, Lee, Stephany, Derek, Abi, Neil and us were the nuclear IPA family, with occasional additions of Lori, Robin and a few others! Lee and Abi’s UK knowledge, and general trivia brains helped in all categories, but as long as we each get one unique question, we were all winners!

In the last few months of the school year we were placing every Sunday night!




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