The Hidden, Hidden Bar

In general, the Abu Dhabi eating scene can be a bit…generic? Due to most restaurants having to be in hotels, one would say that there is a lack of… “je ne sais quoi…” pizzazz, character…something like that.

Some friends of ours told us about the Hidden Bar. Don’t be fooled, the Hidden Bar is in the Rosewood Hotel, but there is another Hidden…hidden bar there too. Here are the instructions:

Go to Dai Pai Dong. Find the wall piece that has a teapot. Go in, turn left, go through another door…and tah dah! You are in a speak easy of sorts. I tiny cocktail bar with suspendered drink makers.

They say, here is the menu, or just tell us what you like, and we can make something to suit you! Isn’t that fun! Some of our drinks included “peaty whisky,” lemon grass infusions, rhubarb bitters and one even involved a smoke gun! It is the coolest place. It is dark and secluded, and is one of the few places that makes you forget where you are.



One thought on “The Hidden, Hidden Bar

  1. Linda Malito says:

    Love reading your blogs, thank you for sharing your adventures.

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