June Round Up

Hello readers! Obviously our month has been packed full of wrapping up the UAE, and heading to Spain! It was busy with many goodbyes and happy memories. Here’s what we are up to:

Books: I read Uprooted by Naomi Novak. It was a fantasy book. It took me a while to get into, but once I was hooked I was sad it was over! I kept wishing to go back to the characters and the heart trees.

On the airplane I decided it was time to revive my love for Ms. Perigrine’s Home For Peculiar Children and read the second book, Hollow City. An easy read that I just devoured. Amazing. The first book is in my top 5 best books ever I’d say. I couldn’t put it down. I sneaked it to work and read it during silent reading time! It was that good.

TV: We started watching the first season of Red Oaks. It is a great little summer watch. It has an air of nostalgia for days gone by. It feels like an old show, but has modern day production. It’s good.

We also just polished off the most recent season of Top Chef Canada. For me, the Top Chef series’ are the best food shows on TV. Sorry, Master Chef and Chopped, your nothing compared to Top Chef. I love the style and the type of food featured on the show.

What’s Cooking: Seems like a good segway from Top Chef. For most of the month we were playing the age old cooking game: “What can you cook that will clean out more than two cupboard items.” We also played a bit of “If walnut’s taste like dust, are they still good?” But the canned beans and frozen peas aside, we also made this super fab dish…Salmon, pumpkin and kale with a vinaigrette. She’s a beauty hey? Don’t worry, this is not becoming a food blog.

Monthly Musing: Ramadan Kareem/Eid Mubarak. One of the best things about this June was the Ramadan hours! Our school day was cut down to a 5 hour work day from 8:30am-1:30pm. There is nothing like wrapping up the school year, by easing out with shorter hours! Not only is it nice to sleep in, but you get more time for yourself!

Another things: We are in Mallorca. But the crazier thing: we have had two off bottles of wine in two days! That high frequency made us wonder if we were wrong. Is it bad? Two in a row? Maybe we don’t know wine. Haha nope. Just two bad bottles.

Matt’s Musing: “We moved. I bought some new headphones. Brand: Sennheiser. They cancel all of the noises.”





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