Home Away from Home

I’m currently sitting in the Singapore airport waiting for the last leg of our flight. Folks, Singapore airport is as good as you’ve heard! There is loads of shops, a butterfly garden, a movie theatre and free massage chairs. Also, I am watching someone garden the many many orchids as we speak.

But, that’s not what this post is about…I figured I’d give a few shout outs to Mallorca before they drift away in the chaos to come.

I was really, I mean REALLY looking forward to Spain this summer. Particularly the Paella! We did hit up some of our old favorites, but we tried some new things too. I am about to embark on a post about food and drink, but yes, TCNJ didn’t disappoint either. We had great classes, classmates and professors. Now we are just one course away from being Master and Master Hansen.

Our biggest hit of the summer was vermouth. Have you ever had vermouth on its own before? We hadn’t. We often have cocktails with vermouth, but apparently Spain is really into vermouth. You can get it on tap! And it costs less that 3 euro!

This is our favorite vermuteria. They give you chips with hot sauce…odd…and look at the food goods in the back round.

We also tried a new wine bar. Knowing my readers, this is an activity that would really take off. They give you a card and you can choose from any of the 48 wines they had. You can choose from a sample, half glass or full glass. At the end of the night, you settle your card. It is a fun way to learn how different grapes might taste.

Here are a couple of others snaps:

I was thrilled to see this house. In past summers it was run down and boarded up. Looks like the city of Palma decided to fix it up!

I took this rather crooked shot in Cala Figurea. We have been there each year for a walk around the fishing village and a sea side lunch. But come on…look at this boat garage. Literally everything is beautiful!


One thought on “Home Away from Home

  1. Linda Malito says:

    thank you for sharing your interesting journeys, I love the adventure you are living. Enjoy and hope to visit you in Cambodia.

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