Sharing is Caring:)

We have a night guard at our house. A couple of weeks ago Matt gave him his left over pizza from an evening out. In turn, our guard shared his nighttime snack with us the next day…beetles. What would you do? Eat them politely or say no?

My general food policy is if people eat it and like it somewhere in the world, I will try it once. (I have a few moral exceptions). So we just popped those beetles into our mouths!

First impression is it tasted like the sweet soy saucy, lime leaf infused peanuts we get here. Though after the crunch, the inside, to me, tastes like a poopy farm:( I chewed it with a smile on my face until about half way up the stairs when I couldn’t hold the heave in any longer. Don’t worry, I didn’t puke, I got the guy down. Matt handled it a bit classier.

That’s not where it ends. There is plenty more mystery eats to be had. Yesterday he had roasted frog (not just the legs) and crickets.


Frog, and cricket

This time I only tasted the leg part of the frog, because I didn’t want to crunch on the whole body. But I was hopeful with the cricket. I’ve heard that they are not terrible, just crunchy.


This was a fried cricket. Disappointingly it was a bit soft, and still had some “juice” to it. In the end it still tasted like a poopy farm.

I’m still optimistic. If I can find a roasted cricket, maybe I will give it a try. Who know what we will have next…ugh.

One thought on “Sharing is Caring:)

  1. Donna says:

    You’re a brave girl. Love your attitude.

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