Worth the Wait

Are you thinking…what is with this girl? She moves to a new country then never posts anything on the blog.

Yep. I’m behind. But also, bag snatching and phone snatching are popular petty crimes in Phnom Penh (still safe, come visit!). This fact really limits my desire to bust out the phone and snap pictures of daily happenings here.

No matter, I’ve got some delayed content for you. This is the most exciting:

water spout

Check this out! It is a water spout (aka mini tornado). We were sitting in a lovely boat house having a drink and we were looking out like: “huh that cloud looks like a funnel cloud.” Then minutes later it turned into this! It grew and shrunk up, then went back down! Isn’t that cool? (P.S. when researching this weather pattern I learned his happened the same day that the hurricane hit Florida.)

Well, maybe it isn’t as exciting in picture form, but upcoming we have some holiday pictures to share with you. In the meantime I will try to capture some day to day shots.

Just in case you aren’t a Facebook friend, I’ll leave this here too:


After many weekends of practicing driving around the block on the scooter, I made it to the grocery store!

3 thoughts on “Worth the Wait

  1. Debie Abalos says:

    hahaha I am always entertained with your blog Britney 🙂

  2. Debie Abalos says:

    and oh that is amazing to catch that rare picture

  3. Linda Malito says:

    Good for you to ride a scooter to the grocery store, that is a brave adventure. Cool picture of the funnel cloud over the water. You look really good so must be loving life. Cheers Auntie

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