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October Round Up

Books: I’ve joined a book club! (Sorry family, this one is a bit closer.) So far we have read Dark Matter, which was a great thriller, quick read, and had a fun twist. We have also read All the Ugly and Beautiful Things. It was a bit of a racy topic. Not really my kind of book, but the discussion was fun. On my own time I have devoured several other books including  Outlander and Call the Midwife…which leads me right into TV.

TV: I’ve watched 6 seasons of Call the Midwife. The first season was pretty true to the first book, so I didn’t read the other two books because I didn’t want to spoil the show. We have also been watching a good amount of pro disc golf on YouTube. Matt can’t wait to get back to Canada and try some new discs. In the sports realm, we also watch about one NFL football game per week, so no spoilers on Facebook please!

What’s cooking: still not much. We attended a Canadian Thanksgiving event, but there was no stuffing, so I felt that we had to have a do-over at the house…ugh the oven was working WAY to hard in this heat. I don’t think I’m going to crack out any more oven heavy meals for a while. But, I did find pumpkin and molasses in stores here, and I bought some mincemeat filling in Koh Samui, so we could have some holiday baking in the near future!

Monthly Musing: I’m predicting that the rainy season is winding down, and it is cooling off a bit, which means it time to really settle into using the balcony. I’ve got some gardening plans! If you know of any plants that grow well always, especially in shady places, comment below. (I might try my hand at planting a lemon tree, even though it will take years!)

(I’m on holidays now, but this spot can be saved for a picture of the balcony thus far.)

Matt’s Musing: “Fantasy Football…hours of time put into fantasy football. What do I have to show for it? One win.” (Out of 8 weeks so far.) “I better just stick to regular Friday Football.” (A mashup of colleagues who play soccer on Fridays)

Kep, Cambodia

This was just sitting in my drafts..I guess it didn’t post.

A few weeks ago Matt went to Kuala Lumpur for a teacher course and I got left behind:( So instead, I had a weekend getaway in Kep with some friends.

Kep is one of the towns of the ocean famous for its crab. We drove down on a Friday (it takes about 3 1/2 hours) and spent the weekend in a jungle-y lodge spending time at the pool, ocean, and eating crab.


You can hover over some of the pictures to see the caption…


Aside from ocean and crab there is lots of things you can do in Kep. There is a pepper farm, national park, island day trip, the beach and probably more with research.

I guess next time I will bring Matt with me.

Worth the Wait

Are you thinking…what is with this girl? She moves to a new country then never posts anything on the blog.

Yep. I’m behind. But also, bag snatching and phone snatching are popular petty crimes in Phnom Penh (still safe, come visit!). This fact really limits my desire to bust out the phone and snap pictures of daily happenings here.

No matter, I’ve got some delayed content for you. This is the most exciting:

water spout

Check this out! It is a water spout (aka mini tornado). We were sitting in a lovely boat house having a drink and we were looking out like: “huh that cloud looks like a funnel cloud.” Then minutes later it turned into this! It grew and shrunk up, then went back down! Isn’t that cool? (P.S. when researching this weather pattern I learned his happened the same day that the hurricane hit Florida.)

Well, maybe it isn’t as exciting in picture form, but upcoming we have some holiday pictures to share with you. In the meantime I will try to capture some day to day shots.

Just in case you aren’t a Facebook friend, I’ll leave this here too:


After many weekends of practicing driving around the block on the scooter, I made it to the grocery store!

Sharing is Caring:)

We have a night guard at our house. A couple of weeks ago Matt gave him his left over pizza from an evening out. In turn, our guard shared his nighttime snack with us the next day…beetles. What would you do? Eat them politely or say no?

My general food policy is if people eat it and like it somewhere in the world, I will try it once. (I have a few moral exceptions). So we just popped those beetles into our mouths!

First impression is it tasted like the sweet soy saucy, lime leaf infused peanuts we get here. Though after the crunch, the inside, to me, tastes like a poopy farm:( I chewed it with a smile on my face until about half way up the stairs when I couldn’t hold the heave in any longer. Don’t worry, I didn’t puke, I got the guy down. Matt handled it a bit classier.

That’s not where it ends. There is plenty more mystery eats to be had. Yesterday he had roasted frog (not just the legs) and crickets.


Frog, and cricket

This time I only tasted the leg part of the frog, because I didn’t want to crunch on the whole body. But I was hopeful with the cricket. I’ve heard that they are not terrible, just crunchy.


This was a fried cricket. Disappointingly it was a bit soft, and still had some “juice” to it. In the end it still tasted like a poopy farm.

I’m still optimistic. If I can find a roasted cricket, maybe I will give it a try. Who know what we will have next…ugh.

July Round Up

A bit late, but it’s here:

Books: This month I read One Thousand White Women: The Journal of May Dodd. I am a big fan of books written in letter or journal form, they just pass by so quickly! This book though! Love it! Until I read the very end and found out that it is not a true story! Complete fiction! I wish I would have known that as I was reading. Here I was telling Matt lies about history all month!

TV: Game of Thrones in back! I could leave it at that, but we are also caught up on Master of None and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I love when you can binge watch full seasons!

What’s Cooking: Well, nothing much. We have only had a few cooked meals in our house, but we have to pack lunches starting next week, so all that will have to change. We did however, buy a grill! Good times on the patio to come!


Monthly Musing: A lot has happened in July. We spent the first 17 days in Mallorca taking classes, and the last 14 in Cambodia finding a house, and doing school orientation. Needless to say, it has been busy. A musing for you though: On our flight to Cambodia we had to sprint (for REAL) to catch out Barcelona to Singapore flight. Imagine the Home Alone Family running through the airport and getting to the gate…just made it. We stepped into the Barcelona airport about 15 minutes before our flight left. Not boarded…left. Thanks to our fast feet, and a nice airline that let us on, and some nice people who let us cut the customs line, we made it!

Matt’s Musing: I found Wantan Mee here. It’s at the closest noodle place to our house.


Bike Tour

Last weekend we took a morning bike tour on the Mekong islands. We took a ferry, then biked across one island to another ferry then biked across another island and ferried back to the mainland. In total it was about 25km of trail. Some of the trail was road and some was narrow trails in between farms and banana trees.


I loved this part of the trail!

Along the way we stopped at a silk worm farm and silk weaving place, and a pagoda, but overall the biking was the best part.


The famous Mekong River. Though it looks really brown, it had hardly any garbage, which is a change from Congo. I think the brown is just from being muddy?


Farming! We also biked past some cows.

DSC04563 (2)

Pagoda on an island.


Alive and well. Maybe too early in the morning for Matt…

Restaurant Heaven

We’ve been in Phnom Penh for a week! So far, so great! To some of your disappointments, I have taken one picture. You will have to rely on your imagination skills. Here are some highlights of the week:

  1. Tuktuks: Ahh the open air! I enjoy riding in tuktuks way more than I thought. Just sitting back on a comfy bench, letting the wind blow through my hair while being carted around the city! Life is good. We are sorting our a driver who will cart us to school everyday. Downside: most trips are $3. More expensive than I thought.
  2. Nice weather: I don’t want to mislead you, it has been hot! Once you accept that you will be sweaty, it is sort of nice. I’ve worn sports clothes this whole week, which has helped, but our patio gets a nice breeze and sitting outside is relaxing.
  3. Restaurants: If you want it, Phnom Penh has it. Predictably, we have eaten Asian at almost every meal so far. There is food for cheap, there are restaurants to splurge on, really anything. The restaurant scene is very hip. There are lots of places with amazing patios and artsy furniture. It seems that every place is trying something new. The food we’ve had so far has been pretty delicious. The coffee too! Highlight: Korean BBQ! It’s not for everyone, but it is for us! If you like lots of side dishes, many pickled items and grilling meat at your table, come join us next time!

Canadians: There are two currencies in Cambodia. They use American dollars for everything over $1 and Cambodian Riel for everything under. I read that the Canadian dollar is up these day…what a great time to visit!


My breakfast this morning. Though it was good, I think I would rather stick to sweeter, more typical breakfast items. 

The Big Reveal!

And the winner is...

The Winding Staircase!

(scroll down after the pictures for an explanation of your favorite)

Yes. A clear winner.

Your guest bedroom. For real…come see us.

I know, I know… I watch House Hunters…why didn’t we choose your pick?

French Colonial: great location, nice balcony, great pools and cool floors. Too small, no oven, perpetually dirty.

Exposed Brick: gasp worthy brick, cheap, new, spacious, the sweet shower Brittney wants. No oven, no counter space, and bad location.

Winding stairs: charming, great outdoor space, nice location, next to a mini market, oven, small, tight stairs.

Facebook User: “Brittney, where are the stairs?”

I’m glad you asked. For the more serious blog readers, house hunting enthusiasts, and family members: here is an uncut, 3 minutes (terribly self-filmed) video for your viewing pleasure: