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More on Pointe Noire

Here are some other pictures of our mini vacation!

This building is beautiful, and unsurprisingly still in use as the train station!

This building is beautiful, and unsurprisingly still in use as the train station!

spiral train

At the train station


The logging industry


Remember the big hype last year when, after a long wait, our shipment finally arrived with school goodies. Well, there it is. Somewhere amongst those shipping containers is some Gr. 2 spelling books and a library! Now we just need to get it to Brazzaville. You can’t say we didn’t try!


The view from The Derrick restaurant.

La Pyramide Beach Club – Pointe Noire

Well, on our second attempt, we made it to Pointe Noire. The airport still had signs that something crazy was going on. There were A LOT of ceremonial dressed military men, guns, and even a red carpet heading out to a plane. There was also some type of demonstration, or protest outside of the airport. I asked our cab driver and he said that presidents from around Africa had arrived and the military was doing some type of exercise. Still a mystery.

But, that is not the purpose of this post. I’m breaking up our trip into smaller posts so that the pictures don’t go on forever!

Our first stop on Wednesday was at La Pyramide, which looks to be an expat surf and beach club. (There are a lot more expats in Pointe Noire due to construction and oil) The club is right on the beach. There are surf boards, a nice deck, lounge chairs, play space for the kids and of course food and drink. We stopped for lunch so I could eat some fish, and ended up staying for most of the afternoon, enjoying some beverages and the amazing ocean breeze. We stayed long enough for Matt to get a pretty great sunburn. I guess there is less pollution there.

Beach Log

Brittney Beach

We enjoyed the ambiance so much, that we returned for our final supper of the trip. We got there nice and early so we could enjoy the ocean one last time before it got dark. I can’t express enough, how wonderful and relaxing it was to sit on the beach and enjoy the ocean. I can imagine that the quality of life for expats in Pointe Noire is much higher than Brazza thanks to the big, beautiful ocean!

Surf sunset

Beach Club

Sunset Fence

Blur beach

Matt was playing with the shutter speed of the camera, and this turned out pretty cool!

Pointe Noire Attempt #1

Hello Readers! We have a vacation this week, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to hop over to Pointe Noire for some ocean action. After much deliberation we opted for the 40 minute flight over the 12 hour train ride and we were on our way!

Or so we thought…

Tuesday 9:00am board plane en route to PNR.

Pilot announces a 30 minutes delay as the PNR airport is CLOSED due to a VIP!

…5 HOURS LATER…we are still sitting on the tarmac waiting for PNR to reopen. As our flight attendant said, “We’ve heard nothing, it could be 5 minutes, it could be an hour”…..or 5? Yes, this is not an exaggeration, we actually sat on the plane for 5 hours!

After 5 hours they posed the option of getting off the plane to wait in the airport, at which point we told them we will happily switch our flight until the following day. (Thankfully, we had no checked luggage.) We never heard if the airplane every left, but I’m pretty happy we got off when we did.

As soon as our new flight time was confirmed, we were off to Ginger to enjoy some indian food and eat away our bewilderment. I mean who closes an airport? This is an international airport, where flights from Paris and Nairobi can arrive! This VIP (likely president or military) is costing the airlines a lot of money!

Maybe next time!