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October Round Up

Books: I’ve joined a book club! (Sorry family, this one is a bit closer.) So far we have read Dark Matter, which was a great thriller, quick read, and had a fun twist. We have also read All the Ugly and Beautiful Things. It was a bit of a racy topic. Not really my kind of book, but the discussion was fun. On my own time I have devoured several other books including  Outlander and Call the Midwife…which leads me right into TV.

TV: I’ve watched 6 seasons of Call the Midwife. The first season was pretty true to the first book, so I didn’t read the other two books because I didn’t want to spoil the show. We have also been watching a good amount of pro disc golf on YouTube. Matt can’t wait to get back to Canada and try some new discs. In the sports realm, we also watch about one NFL football game per week, so no spoilers on Facebook please!

What’s cooking: still not much. We attended a Canadian Thanksgiving event, but there was no stuffing, so I felt that we had to have a do-over at the house…ugh the oven was working WAY to hard in this heat. I don’t think I’m going to crack out any more oven heavy meals for a while. But, I did find pumpkin and molasses in stores here, and I bought some mincemeat filling in Koh Samui, so we could have some holiday baking in the near future!

Monthly Musing: I’m predicting that the rainy season is winding down, and it is cooling off a bit, which means it time to really settle into using the balcony. I’ve got some gardening plans! If you know of any plants that grow well always, especially in shady places, comment below. (I might try my hand at planting a lemon tree, even though it will take years!)

(I’m on holidays now, but this spot can be saved for a picture of the balcony thus far.)

Matt’s Musing: “Fantasy Football…hours of time put into fantasy football. What do I have to show for it? One win.” (Out of 8 weeks so far.) “I better just stick to regular Friday Football.” (A mashup of colleagues who play soccer on Fridays)

July Round Up

A bit late, but it’s here:

Books: This month I read One Thousand White Women: The Journal of May Dodd. I am a big fan of books written in letter or journal form, they just pass by so quickly! This book though! Love it! Until I read the very end and found out that it is not a true story! Complete fiction! I wish I would have known that as I was reading. Here I was telling Matt lies about history all month!

TV: Game of Thrones in back! I could leave it at that, but we are also caught up on Master of None and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I love when you can binge watch full seasons!

What’s Cooking: Well, nothing much. We have only had a few cooked meals in our house, but we have to pack lunches starting next week, so all that will have to change. We did however, buy a grill! Good times on the patio to come!


Monthly Musing: A lot has happened in July. We spent the first 17 days in Mallorca taking classes, and the last 14 in Cambodia finding a house, and doing school orientation. Needless to say, it has been busy. A musing for you though: On our flight to Cambodia we had to sprint (for REAL) to catch out Barcelona to Singapore flight. Imagine the Home Alone Family running through the airport and getting to the gate…just made it. We stepped into the Barcelona airport about 15 minutes before our flight left. Not boarded…left. Thanks to our fast feet, and a nice airline that let us on, and some nice people who let us cut the customs line, we made it!

Matt’s Musing: I found Wantan Mee here. It’s at the closest noodle place to our house.


June Round Up

Hello readers! Obviously our month has been packed full of wrapping up the UAE, and heading to Spain! It was busy with many goodbyes and happy memories. Here’s what we are up to:

Books: I read Uprooted by Naomi Novak. It was a fantasy book. It took me a while to get into, but once I was hooked I was sad it was over! I kept wishing to go back to the characters and the heart trees.

On the airplane I decided it was time to revive my love for Ms. Perigrine’s Home For Peculiar Children and read the second book, Hollow City. An easy read that I just devoured. Amazing. The first book is in my top 5 best books ever I’d say. I couldn’t put it down. I sneaked it to work and read it during silent reading time! It was that good.

TV: We started watching the first season of Red Oaks. It is a great little summer watch. It has an air of nostalgia for days gone by. It feels like an old show, but has modern day production. It’s good.

We also just polished off the most recent season of Top Chef Canada. For me, the Top Chef series’ are the best food shows on TV. Sorry, Master Chef and Chopped, your nothing compared to Top Chef. I love the style and the type of food featured on the show.

What’s Cooking: Seems like a good segway from Top Chef. For most of the month we were playing the age old cooking game: “What can you cook that will clean out more than two cupboard items.” We also played a bit of “If walnut’s taste like dust, are they still good?” But the canned beans and frozen peas aside, we also made this super fab dish…Salmon, pumpkin and kale with a vinaigrette. She’s a beauty hey? Don’t worry, this is not becoming a food blog.

Monthly Musing: Ramadan Kareem/Eid Mubarak. One of the best things about this June was the Ramadan hours! Our school day was cut down to a 5 hour work day from 8:30am-1:30pm. There is nothing like wrapping up the school year, by easing out with shorter hours! Not only is it nice to sleep in, but you get more time for yourself!

Another things: We are in Mallorca. But the crazier thing: we have had two off bottles of wine in two days! That high frequency made us wonder if we were wrong. Is it bad? Two in a row? Maybe we don’t know wine. Haha nope. Just two bad bottles.

Matt’s Musing: “We moved. I bought some new headphones. Brand: Sennheiser. They cancel all of the noises.”




May Round Up

I’ve got a new little series for you! Teachingwanderlust is a blog I follow. She is much better at staying consistent with posts! Some of my favorites of her posts are the monthly round ups. Beyond the travel posts, sometimes it’s nice to read about some real life stuff. I also love recommendations for anything. My blogger friend does 5 categories: Around the Web, Books, Movies, TV and Music. I’m going to revise my categories a bit, because as Matt has pointed out…I know nothing on the web. “What’s a Dank meme?” So I’m going to nix web, movies and music, and add some different categories instead.

Note: This is clearly a trial idea since I am an unreliable blogger, but hopefully this will keep us in contact better:)

Books: Big news this month! I ungraded from the school iPad to a Kindle for my electronic reading needs. So I have been powering through some solid, and slightly less solid books. Here are two that I recommend:

Station 11: I was going through a bit of an apocalypse phase and this hit the spot. It took a while to get off the ground, but by the end I was having dreams about the post-apocalyptic world. If that’s your thing, get into it! Additionally, the author is Canadian!

A Man Called Ove: This book is sweeping the AISA nation. So many of my colleagues are reading it right now because we have a student who really embodies the grumpy characteristics of the lead character (in the best ways). That aside, I closed this book wishing I could continue living on the street I was so immersed in. Also, there is a movie of this one, but read the book!

TV: We just finished binge watching 5 seasons of The Americans. Bad name for a great show about Soviet spies. Give it the first season before you decide if you like it. I was ready to give up after the first episode, but I stuck with it, and am hooked! We have also started watching Crashing, which is a new HBO show written by the comedian Pete Holmes. Truthfully, I would know nothing about this show, but we listen to Pete Holmes’ podcast “You Made it Weird,” so after listening to so many, I feel like I “know” Pete. Crashing is a show about a stand up comedian starting out, but it is based on his life. If you like cringing on the couch because the main character is so sad…this is for you.

What’s Cooking: It only seems appropriate to write something about food since I spend 10 hours a day thinking about it. It’s about that time in the year that we start eating at our favorite restaurants “One. Last. Time.” Some of my trends this month are banana smoothies and baby corns.

Banana Smoothies are my new breakfast fad. The usually have banana, cocoa, peanut butter, seeds, milk and spinach. (The spinach is the best part! I just buy those frozen cubes, so they double as ice cubes.) In reflection, it is a pretty high caloric breakfast…but at least it has lots of healthy things?

Baby Corn: Embarrassingly, I just found out that baby corn isn’t just something from a can. (Obviously right?)Fresh baby corn is sooo yummy. Sneaking them into the shopping cart is a new habit, because every stir fry is better with baby corn!

Monthly Musing: This can be the category for the other things that deserve note. This month: Star Wars! Generally, we don’t watch many movies, unless I am on an airplane. In fact, Matt watched ZERO movies in 2016, the last one being Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Christmas Day 2015. I forced him to break his streak this month because I wanted to watch the newest Star Wars film. AND…after watching it, I decided we should watch them all! (I haven’t seen them all before) So now, each weekend, we watch one movie. Matt has researched the recommended order (Rouge One, 4, 5, 2, 3, 6, 7 coming soon. Skip 1)

Matt’s Musing: (After all this blog is about two of us) He is growing a beard!

I hope you like this new update:) Thanks for the idea