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Canada’s Best Roadside Attractions

So this post in obviously delayed, but I had so much fun collecting the pictures that I couldn’t leave it out. Do you remember the post about how far we drove last summer? Well we also made it our mission to stop at as many large road side attractions as we could. As a general rule, we tried not to take more than a 30 minute detour. Honestly, the prairie towns LOVE their roadside attractions. If Hansenville ever became a place…my first order as mayor would be to commission something giant! (Largest crocheted _you decide__)

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These photos are in a slide show, but you are welcome to make it a game. Whoever can name the most towns wins, or, you can work together to get them all!

500 Miles (More like 5000)

Since this summer was our first full summer back in Canada we had a lot of things we wanted to see and do: music festivals, cabins, hiking, weddings etc. Couple the list with our newest goal of seeing a handful of Canada’s largest roadside attractions and you get this map!

Although it was less than 5000 miles it was quite a lot! I tried to calculate the exact amount, but got tired of using maps:)

The Hiking Inukshuk


We have done a few hiking trips in Jasper now, and the hiking inukshuk has become a symbol of the hike. As you meander along the trails, little inukshuks mark the way when the trail is hard to see. When you spot the inukshuks your heart is warmed with the thought: Yes! We’re still going the right way.

We can only assume the inukshuks have been built by fellow hikers, so once we even returned the favor by rebuilding a crucial fallen inukshuk in Fryatt Valley.

As a side note, how much did you love reading the word inukshuk 7 times in this post. If you are notĀ from the North, or are not well versed in your Arctic landmark knowledge read up on the “real”Inukshuks. They’re pretty cool!

Fresh Air and Blue Skies

Hi Readers! I’m back. After a summer long blogging hiatus, we are back in Abu Dhabi. I took some blogging time off to collect some unforgettable summer memories to share with you. Without further ado, I present The Rocky Mountains.

A hiking trip was on the must do list in Canada, and it did not disappoint! It has been three years since we’ve been to the mountains. We looked forward to peace and quiet, a cold morning and of course…the hiking terrain. This was the first hike that we took the camera on, and boy did they turn out great. Part of me loves the feeling that only people who hike for three days get to see the nearly untouched and unseen landscape, but with pictures like these, it only seems fair to share.

Shout out to the photographer extraordinaire…Matthew



I call this the Cliff of Insanity. (Princess Bride anyone?)




In all of our travels so far, nowhere has beat the blue skies of Western Canada. Never take them for granted!



The terrain on this first 10km of trail was very diverse. This section of shale was a killer both up and down!