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AISA Conference – Accra, Ghana


What an awesome city. We had a great vacation and conference. I’m guessing, if you are anything like me, Ghana is not the way you pictured it. Who knew that the westernized vacation we were looking for could be found in Accra. Paved roads, pubs, English speaking, ocean, a mall, and a huge grocery store. All things that we really were looking forward to!

But first off, the AISA conference! It was awesome! it was great to meet other teachers who are teaching all over Africa. Many of them were just like us, and had only been in the current posting for a couple of months. For the most part we all could empathize with each other when it came to slow internet and late shipments. After networking with other teachers, there are definitely some other countries and schools that we would be interested in checking out. (And of course, some that we will never consider. If we are allowed to be choosy.)

Some highlights of the conference:

– writing spoken word poetry with Sarah Kay. I even performed my poem, (which I wrote beside the ocean btw!)

– A day long workshop full on hands-on writing activities

– Tons of coffee and buffets!

– I won some PE equipment for our school!

– And finally, talking to other teachers, and hearing everyone’s cool stories.

Matt networked with tons of IT teachers and attended 3 Math lectures! He was truly over the moon!

It between conference sessions we had time to explore the city. We went on a very long walk down to the ocean and into a fishing village. We found a restaurant that is literally right on the ocean. You get splashed by the waves as you eat.

One night we went to an American Style pub for mexican food, and on our last night we enjoyed some excellent food and drink and a British pub! It was excellent to find some gems that are not available in Brazzaville.

On the final day we went to the mall! Obviously we are not much for shopping, but we did get to raid the grocery store of things we have been missing in Brazza. We stuffed our bags with mincemeat, cajun spice, Milo, hair clippers, a candle and some other great things!

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Accra. If you are considering a trip to Africa, I would recommend this city. And there are things to do right outside of the city for the nature nuts.

We are looking forward to our next date with the ocean over Christmas!