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Bites in Budapest

Although we only had 5 days, we squeezed in a wine tour and a food tour! The wine tour brought us out the the countryside to tour family cellars and vineyards. Great trip, good wines and tasty snacks. The countryside is so charming. I started to consider how I could get myself in the wine business so I could be a part of these adorable little villages.


This old machine is used for crushing grapes. It is one of two left in Hungary. Apparently it still works, but is not used regularly.

On our food tour we walked through some beautiful parts of town and heard history about food and Budapest. One of my favorite parts of the city is the little statues and monuments around the city. I have no idea what they were for, but they were everyone. Budapest also has quite a hip scene. One section of town has been adding art murals to older buildings. They also have been turning ruined buildings into bars. The crumbling building and mismatched furniture gives a fun ambiance.

We had coffee across from one of the train stations seen below. The architect? Mr. Gustave Eiffel!


On our own accord, we hit up some great spots that served up potato pancakes, chimney cakes, a delicious breakfast place with my favorite eggs benny, and, of course, mucho pork. Although it may be a bit taboo to say, I could have done with more vegetables in my life:)

But guys, guess what…we went to a MICHELIN STAR restaurant! This is extremely exciting news for us! Since Budapest is more affordable that much of Western Europe, so is their food. So, we could actually afford and meal at Onyx…for lunch:) Our food tour guide told us that the chef at Onyx is the best in Hungary. He apparently won a big award in Europe. We had a delicious three course meal with wine pairings. Bites included local Hungarian boar (mangalica), goulash, fresh water fish, quail eggs and two delicious desserts. We couldn’t decide which was better.

Another, more humorous, part of our meal was that we were sat right next to a solo food blogger, I’ve guessed. I have now sworn that, although blogging is fun, I shall never become a food blogger because I was so judgmental about him taking pictures and notes about his food. It’s getting cold already!



Exploring Budapest

It was wonderful to get some walking in on this trip. It is especially wonderful to get to wear warm clothes. Scarves and cute hats adorned (by me), we pleasantly walked the old town.


The view from the bridge connecting Buda and Pest. The Chain Bridge was mostly destroyed in WWII, but the large pillars remained, and the rest was rebuilt.

If you read some of our Malaysia posts, you would have learned that we travel for food. It is easy to fill our meal times with well researched sites, but we did do a couple things in between eating hours.

Rudas Bath house: People rave about the bath houses in Budapest. There are tons to choose from, and everyone suggested we go. After an underwhelming trip to the Miette Hotprings in Jasper, we were less keen to go, but alas, since the weather is chilly, and the interiors are artsy, why not? It was quite beautiful inside. Apparently the baths are medicinal, but I just enjoyed jumping from hot to cold pools.

Tram #2: I read on the internet that this cute little tram that runs along the Danube is one of the top 10 picturesque tram lines in the world. We rode it from one end to the other and saw the shoes monument and amazing parliament building among other sites.

Now, no trip of ours is free of failed tourist endeavors, and Budapest was no different. On our last day we decided to see the tourist center at the Parliment buildings. I’ve heard the history is interesting. We arrive at the site, and while we are complaining about the price of entrance, the center closes, right in front of our eyes! I guess 5pm is too late for Parliament.

I apologize for lack of photos. The camera is finally back in working order.

Budapest, Hungary

We wavered for a while trying to decide where to go on spring break. Since our winter holiday was quite long, we didn’t want to go away for the full two weeks, but since the weather is warming up, we did want to go somewhere. After being undecided for some time I came across a budget airline that flew direct to Budapest. Why not? Chilly weather, affordable accommodations and pork! Booked. 5 days in Budapest!

One of the best parts of this holiday, was that it was easy to plan. We booked an Airbnb right downtown and planned to walk everywhere. Check out our airbnb! It was the cutest little place. It was in an old building with a huge door and a …questionable… elevator. Also, it was right next to the Basilica!

Take a peak:

We popped over to the St. Stephen’s Basilica. It was quite beautiful inside, but the real draw was that we got to go to the top!


We got a great view of the city. It was cool to look into the little courtyards that you can’t see from the street.